2015년 July 22일

HAN’S KOREA CO., LTD _Incheon International Creative Economy Innovation Center attended chulbeomsik

July 22 2015 was chulbeomsik Incheon International Creative Economy Innovation Center. Park Geun-hye and President yujeongbok participants Incheon Mayor, Deputy Prime Minister Choi Kyung-hwan, Korea hangwangyeol Hans presidents It is the state that the creative economy Incheon Station Academic Luncheon held at the Incheon Songdo ConvensiA.  
2013년 November 20일

HAN’S KOREA CO., LTD _SBS Good morning_Talent ohmiyeon broadcasting

November 20, 2013 Good morning from the SBS Broadcasting Actor & actress ohmiyeon enshrined in Jeju travel between mother Ltd is a state that eat delicious rice noodles Hans Korea.  
2012년 February 29일

HAN’S KOREA CO., LTD _Saudi commemorate the first export

February 29, 2012 HANS KOREA CO., LTD was a ceremony in Saudi Arabia first export job site
2011년 December 9일

HAN’S KOREA CO., LTD _China’s first export Ceremony

12 2011 9th HANS KOREA CO., LTD was China first exported ceremony at the scene.
2011년 June 8일

HAN’S KOREA CO., LTD _Visit Incheon mayor Song Young-gil

       June 8, 2011 in Incheon mayor Song Young-gil HANS KOREA CO., Visited the LTD.  
2010년 August 26일

HAN’S KOREA CO., LTD_Minister of Agriculture visits yujeongbok

August 26, 2010 the Minister of Agriculture yujeongbok Noodle Soup professional manufacturer HANS KOREA CO., LTD is a tour to visit the manufacturing site.
2009년 August 13일

HAN’S KOREA CO., LTD_President Lee Myung-bak visits

Emergency economic measures meeting to discuss the rice processing industry activation measures open to President Lee Myung-bak presided over the August 13, 2009 HANS KOREA CO., Was in LTD. President Lee Myung-bak was the day tasting the rice noodles with attendees inspected the rice noodle production line, and we encourage rice consumption promotion.